Bir kedinin güveni nasıl kazanılır?
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Bir kedinin güveni nasıl kazanılır?

Bir kedinin güveni nasıl kazanılır?

From the very beginning, you need to understand that there are three main scenarios for the development of events:

  1. The cat will thaw, quickly or not very quickly, and will join your family team. Will meet at the door, play with a bow and purr on the master’s knees.

  2. The cat will get used to it and decide that it is all of you who live with her, and not vice versa. Maybe she will condescend to you sometimes, but not for long. Such a representative of the cat tribe can turn up his nose for three days from a bowl of food until he gets the one he loves; can mess with the sofa, because he does not like the type of filler in the tray. Over time, this is also treated, but it is difficult and long.

  3. The cat doesn’t need you. She wants to be free, to the pampas, she is disgusted with dry food in a bowl, she needs to catch mice and pigeons and gut the garbage cans. She will live under the bed and watch if you forgot to close the front door. Neutering/castration alleviates but does not solve the problem. The outcome is not clear, it is quite possible that Elusive Joe has settled in you.

Bir kedinin güveni nasıl kazanılır?

So, what needs to be done to speed up the process of getting used to a cat to a person?

  1. Provide the cat with everything you need. Give her a personal soft bed, a bowl of food that does not disgust her (similarly with the tray), access to clean water. Don’t forget the toys.

  2. If necessary, give a sedative in one form or another – drops, tablets, spray.

  3. Try not to make noise at first, do not move furniture and do not invite large companies home. Forbid children to search and catch an animal.

  4. Talk to your cat in a calm, calm voice. Do not make sudden movements if you want to stroke. Do not grab her in your arms against your will.

  5. If you have other animals, introduce the newcomer to them carefully and gradually.

  6. Let the cat take the first steps towards bonding. Reward her for this with a treat, affection, kind words, a game.

  7. Watch carefully so that the cat does not have the opportunity to escape from the house. Put (preferably before you take the animal) on the windows of the “anti-cat” grid. Ordinary mosquito repellents fly out of the windows once or twice, unfortunately, along with the pet.

Bir kedinin güveni nasıl kazanılır?

How do you know if an animal has recognized you?

Often this is not difficult. The pet runs to the call, butts, rubs against the legs, purrs and meows demands to fill the bowl. But sometimes the signs of readiness to communicate are not so clearly expressed. In that case, take a closer look. The cat eats in your presence, can sit with its back to you, does not jump up when you pass by, is interested in what you are doing, fell apart and washes – all this speaks of incipient trust. So, the main thing is not to scare. Lure her to your hands with pieces of goodies, offer to play – if not from the first, but from the fifth time she will not be able to resist. Gently stroke the forehead, neck, scratch behind the ear. And then you can take it in your hands.

Love, patience, perseverance and a sense of humor – and you will have a “cat without any hassle”!

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